Worldwide original handwoven shoes

12 years. 25 countries. 4 continents.

I started this business as an ordinary shoe salesman. Too many times in this particular industry I've seen brands crash and burn – for various reasons.

That’s why I had this dream, to create something special on the market – to create my own shoe from A to Z.”

I began by reading books about ancient history where I found references to handwoven shoe techniques. Furthermore, these shoes were all made from local materials.

So, in 2005 I set to work organizing our first collection. We released a comfortable and breathable shoe made from woven elastic.

Rock Spring shoes found fans on the European market first. Now they are worn by people all over the world, in 12 countries, and on 4 continents. That is how my second dream came to fruition - I can travel. For work, I explore many places and cultures, and I am constantly learning new things.

We now sell hundreds of thousands of Rock Spring shoes worldwide, but we are still a small team. We like it that way. We create great shoes for people who just want to be themselves, who enjoy life and travel. People who live to be free.

— Pavel Podzemský,
founder of Rock Spring Shoes


The first prototype of a handwoven shoe is made from elastic bands. This prototype remains the centerpiece of our collection to this very day.


After the success in Central and Eastern Europe, the brand takes off - and the global market starts to recognize our shoes.


Breakthroughs are made in large and important markets like Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and Korea. Sales start in the USA and Canada.


Today we sell hundreds of thousands of shoes a year - people in 25 countries on 4 continents are wearing Rock Spring shoes.

How our shoes are created

Rock Spring shoes are made by stay-at-home employees. Women and men who are, for one reason or another, unable to go to work because they are taking care of their young children or a sick family member.

Every week these employees receive a ball of elastic string from the Rock Spring factory that they knit by hand. When the upper is knit, they’re returned to the factory where the shoe is completed with the insole and the sole.

We produce our shoes in China with the help of a local family factory where the workers have been loyal to their employer for over a decade.

We are certain that the work conditions are set fairly.

Our shoes travel the world

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