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Handwoven Rock Spring shoes

They’re comfortable

Very comfortable. Wait until you try our shoes on for the first time – it’ll feel like you're slipping on a second skin. The light, breathable comfort of the Rock Spring shoes are praised by everyone.

A shoe that remembers you

Your foot, that is: inside each shoe there is memory foam. As you wear your shoes, the insole will exactly copy the form of your sole. It's as if each shoe were tailor-made specifically for you.

Fit for everyone

Is one of your feet different from the other? Or bigger toes? The elastic upper does move with you and adjusts to you – it fits everyone. Our shoes adapt to narrow and wide feet.

They are priceless

Even if we sell a hundred thousand shoes, we wont spend our money on TV commercials. We manage everything with our small team – that’s how we’re able to sell our shoes at such a great price.

Our shoes have enjoyed many adventures

They have wandered on the roads of Patagonia, participated in a yoga lesson at the top of Sněžka mountain, flown in an Airbus A380 around the world, walked the entire Louvre, played in the sand with children at the seaside, attended an evening party at the Lago di Garda. Where will your Rock Springs take you?

When your feet earn
your paycheck

"As a professional tennis player, I spend only a few weeks a year at home. The rest of the year I am on the road. I travel, I’m on the move all the time. That is why I value comfortable shoes. Not just on the court, but also on a flight, while waiting in the airport, or in those precious free moments off. Besides the superior comfort of the shoes, I like that Rock Spring is a Czech brand."

Bára Strýcová

4x Fed Cup winner, Olympic medalist from Rio de Janeiro 2016

What people say about our shoes

Comfortable, breathable. I have already bought them twice.

Barbara, producer in a community center on maternity leave

I am satisfied. They look good and are very lightweight.

Leona, primary-school teacher

Super! They look so good on my feet and are incredibly comfortable. Where can I buy them?

Kate, fashion model

The neon ones are incredible looking!

Anežka, photographer & video artist

They are extremely comfortable.

Hanka, CEO of a houseboat development project

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Rock Spring