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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy Rock Spring shoes?

To find a store please contact our importer in your country:

Can I buy shoes online?

Of course. Our shoes are available at several online eshops.

Do you have kids and men’s collections as well?

We focus more on ladies shoes, but each year we also have a number of new models for kids and men, too.

What is the material that the shoes are made of?

For the uppers, we use a combination of textile, textile with elastane fibers, ribbons and elastic strings. Because our shoes are made from these materials, they easily adapt to every foot, instep and sole.

I bought a pair of shoes but I need to return them.
What should I do?

The only right way to solve the issue is with the seller. If you have bought the shoes in a place far from home, please call them - there should be a phone number on the bill (or the email address). We as the producer are not allowed to step into your trade relationship.

Can I put the shoes in my washing machine? Or a dryer?

Our shoes with the upper made from woven elastic strings are washable. But we produce also sandals or sport shoes and those you may not wash in your washing machine.

The washable types we recommend washing by hand or in cold water (30°C). Use a fluid washing powder. You should not wash your shoes more than 4 times in the washing machine.

Please be careful, none of our shoes can be placed in a dryer. They will be damaged.

Do the elastic strings last?

Yes, the elastic material is designed to last.

Are your shoes healthy?

We use memory foam for the insoles and some shoes have orthopedic parts. People who suffers from swollen feet, pregnant women, people with joint disease or diabetes seek out our shoes because the elastic upper does not limit them while walking.

Do you have any other question?

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